How to use glass glue to have effect

Reading:1551 Time:2020-10-26
How to use glass glue can be effective. Glass glue is a kind of commonly used adhesive in family, which is composed of sodium silicate, acetic acid and organic silicone. Sodium silicate is easily soluble in water and sticky. It is called sodium silicate in the South and Paohua alkali in the north. It is widely used in many aspects, such as dumb mouth on the back of wooden thread, sanitary ware, toilet, make-up mirror in toilet, gap between hand washing basin and wall, etc., so how to use it?

Use method of glass glue:
1. Usage: single component silicone glass glue can be used immediately. It can be easily knocked out from the plastic bottle with glue gun, and its surface can be trimmed with spatula or wood chips.

2. Adhesion time: the curing process of silicone adhesive develops from the surface to the inside, and the surface drying time and curing time of silica gel with different characteristics are not the same, so the surface repair must be carried out before the surface drying of glass glue (acid glue and neutral transparent adhesive generally should be within 5-10 minutes, and neutral mottled glue should be generally within 30 minutes). If you use color separation paper to cover a certain place, after gluing, be sure to take it away before the formation of the skin.

3. Curing time: the curing time of glass adhesive increases with the increase of bonding thickness. For example, acid glass adhesive with a thickness of 12mm may take 3-4 days to solidify, but within 24 hours, the outer layer of 3mm has been cured. Bonding to glass, metal, or most wood has a peel strength of 20 pounds per inch after 72 hours at room temperature. If the place where the glass glue is used is partially or completely closed, then the curing time is determined by the tightness of the sealing. In an absolutely closed place, it is possible to keep it from curing forever. If the temperature is increased, the glass glue will become soft. The gap between metal and metal bonding surface shall not exceed 25mm. In all kinds of bonding occasions, including airtight conditions, the bonding effect should be comprehensively checked before the equipment is used. During the curing process of acid glass adhesive, a smell will be produced due to the volatilization of acetic acid, which will disappear in the curing process, and there will be no peculiar smell after curing.

4. Bonding: A. wipe the surface of metal and plastic completely, remove oil stain, and then rinse all surfaces with acetone, and then polish rubber surface with sandpaper and then wipe with acetone. Observe the precautions when using acetone. B. Apply the glass glue evenly on the surface of the prepared object. If the two surfaces are bonded together, one side can be positioned first, and then squeeze the other side with enough force to squeeze out the air, but be careful not to extrude the glass glue. C. Place the bonding device at room temperature and wait for the glass adhesive to cure.

5. Sealing: the silicone glass glue is used for sealing occasions, and the glass glue is also pressed into the joint surface or gap to make the glass glue fully contact with the surface.

6. Cleaning: the glass glue can be wiped off with cloth or paper towel before curing, and it must be wiped off with a scraper or cleaned with xylene, acetone and other solvents after curing.

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