Attention should be paid to mould prevention when using glass glue

Reading:100 Time:2020-10-17
The use of glass glue is also very important: do not mold. For example, a lot of glass glue is used in the bathroom. The bathroom is very humid and easy to get moldy, so the glass glue must be mildew proof. General glass glue on the bottle will explain, must see. In addition, some of the poor quality of glass glue does not have such a function, so you must recognize when buying.

The load borne by the stone curtain wall panel is transferred to the pendant by the glue between the stone and the pendant, and then transferred to the supporting structure by the pendant. Therefore, the dry hanging adhesive of the stone curtain wall must be the structural adhesive. At the same time, the dry hanging adhesive should have good adhesion with the stone and the pendant (the hanging material can be stainless steel or aluminum alloy). The adhesive layer itself should be suitable and strong Good toughness and elasticity. It is an urgent task to select the right dry hanging glue for stone curtain wall at present. On the basis of correct selection of dry hanging adhesive for stone curtain wall, the compatibility and cohesiveness test of dry hanging adhesive shall be conducted. After the test is qualified, it can be used in the project. In the construction process, how to use the dry hanging glue reasonably is also very important, and the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Stone slotting should be carried out directly in the processing workshop. Stone slotting must be done by mechanical processing. The slotting process control and processing inspection should be strengthened to avoid damaging the stone.

2. Paste surface should be dry and not wet (humidity is not higher than 15%), dust-free, clean, rough, no oil stains.

3. The physical and mechanical properties of the dry hanging adhesive are directly related to the thickness of the adhesive (generally 1 mm ~ 2 mm). The processing of the dry hanging parts and the dry hanging groove should be strict to ensure the processing size and precision. The matching of the dry hanging parts and the dry hanging groove should be strict to ensure the thickness and depth of the dry hanging adhesive.

4. Because the strength of stone dry hanging adhesive is related to the curing time and curing temperature, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient curing and curing time, and it can not be moved or loaded at the initial stage of curing.