How to use glass glue

Reading:51 Time:2020-10-24
1. Press the switch at the back of the glue gun with one hand, and pull out the bolt with the other hand;

2. Cut the glue outlet at the top of glass glue with scissors; do not cut the thread when cutting;

3. Screw the glass glue nozzle to the cut glue outlet;

4. Put the glass glue with the glue nozzle screwed in the glue gun;

5. Press the switch behind the glue gun and push the bolt forward to fix the glass hose;

6. Align the glue nozzle to the position where the glass glue needs to be applied;

7. Pull the trigger of the glue gun and inject the glue to the required position;

8. Finally, scrape the glass glue with a scraper to make it uniform;

9. After the glass glue is finished, it usually takes 1 hour for the surface to be melted, and 24 hours for it to dry completely. During this period, it is better to use other methods to fix the related articles and do not shake them;