How to wash glass glue

Reading:1556 Time:2020-10-31
1. Because we are busy in decoration, we may not know that glass glue has been stained on the object many times. Therefore, when we find that the glass glue has been solidified, if the glass glue is attached to ceramics, glass, metal and other articles, we can directly scrape it with a scraper when the quantity is low. When the quantity is too much, we can use banana water or specific detergent to wipe it Wash.

2. If the glass glue solidifies in the hand, you must be calm. This treatment method is very simple. Generally speaking, the glass glue is not firmly adhered on the hand. Therefore, we only need to rub the two hands with force for a few times, and then clean it with clean water for a while, there will be no problem.

3. Sometimes we accidentally touch glass glue may find out in time that the glass glue is not solidified, so we can directly use the water washing method, of course, it must ensure that the objects stained with glass glue can be washed by water. This is the easiest way to clean glass glue, so we must pay special attention to it when we operate. Once it is touched, we will clean it immediately.

4. If the glass glue is solidified in the relatively hard flat glass, it is fine to scrape it with a fine knife. But if it is on wooden furniture, it is not allowed to use a fine knife to wipe it, but brush it. If the effect is poor, banana water will be selected to wipe it. The strength should be appropriate. The furniture must not be destroyed.