Do you know how to deal with the common problems of glass glue?

Reading:1631 Time:2020-10-30
1、 What is the reason why neutral transparent glue turns yellow

The yellow of neutral transparent glue is the defect of the slurry itself, mainly caused by the crosslinking agent and the tackifier in the neutral adhesive. The reason is that the two raw materials have "amine group", and the amine group is very easy to cause yellowing. In addition, if the neutral transparent adhesive is used with the acid glass glue, it may lead to the yellow of the neutral adhesive after curing. It may also be the long storage time of the adhesive will have an impact or the adhesive and the substrate reaction.

2、 Why does neutral porcelain white glue have pink phenomenon? Some glue solidifies for a week and turns back to porcelain white?

This phenomenon may occur in alcohol neutral adhesives, which is caused by the production of titanium chromium complex. Titanium chromium complex is red, and the porcelain white color of glue is the titanium dioxide in the glue. But gum is organic, and most of the organic chemical reactions are reversible reactions, and side reactions are produced. Temperature is the key to these reactions. The positive reaction occurs when the temperature is high, which makes the color change. But the reaction will be reversed after the temperature drops down and stable, and the reaction will return to the original appearance. The production technology and formula are well mastered, and this phenomenon should be avoided.

3、 Why are some transparent glass glue, after five days of playing out, become white porcelain color? Neutral green glue after construction to change white color?

This should also be the problem of raw material selection and verification of adhesive. Because some domestic adhesives are added with plasticizers, they are volatile; while some have more reinforcing fillers in them. When plasticizer volatilizes, the rubber strips are stretched due to shrinkage, and the color of filler is shown (all fillers of neutral glue are white). Various color adhesives are added with pigments to make them into various colors. If there is any problem in pigment selection, the color of the glue will change after construction; or the color glue will be too thin during construction, and the inherent shrinkage of the glue during curing will make the color of the glue lighter. It is recommended to maintain a certain thickness (more than 3mm) when applying the glue.

4、 Why is the mirror back with glass glue, after a period of time, the mirror appears the mark of spot or glue?

Mirrors on the market usually have three different back plating: Mercury, pure silver and copper. The common mirror glue after a period of time, the mirror appears the spot, this situation should be the user used acid glass glue, and acid glass glue will usually react with the above materials, causing the mirror to see the spot. Therefore, we emphasize that neutral adhesive should be selected, and neutral glue can be pided into alcohol type and ketoxime type. If ketoxime neutral adhesive is selected for the mirror on the copper bottom, ketoxime will slightly corrode copper material. After a period of construction, the mirror will see the traces of corrosion at the glue application behind the mirror. If alcohol neutral adhesive is used, this phenomenon will not occur. All of the above are due to the persity of the substrate caused by the improper selection of materials. Therefore, it is recommended that before using glue, it is better to do a phase solubility test to see if the glue is soluble with the material. The proper glass glue products can avoid unnecessary losses.

5、 Some glass glue when hit out has the size of salt grain, and after curing some particles will be automatically resolved, why?

This is the problem of choosing the raw material formula of the glue. Because some crosslinkers contained in the adhesive have crystallization in the environment of low temperature. The crosslinker condenses in the bottle, and after being beaten out, it will see the particles of the size of salt powder particles, but it will dissolve slowly, so the particles will be automatically resolved after curing. This kind of situation has little influence on the quality of the adhesive. This situation is mainly affected by low temperature.

6、 Some glue hit on the glass, 7 days still not dry glue, what reason?

This situation is mostly in cold weather. 1、 Too thick, slow dry glue. 2、 The construction environment is affected and the weather is bad. 3、 The glue is out of date or has problems. 4、 The glue is soft and it doesn't feel dry.

7、 What is the reason for the bubble sound of some glass glue when applying?

There may be three reasons: 1. The technology is not passed during the separate packaging, and the air is mixed in the bottle; 2. Air is left in the bottle; thirdly, it is not 100% silicone glue, and the added filler will react slightly with the PE soft adhesive of the glass rubber packaging bottle, which will cause the bottle to swell and increase. The air retained in the space will penetrate into the glue to make it void, and the glue will be applied Make a bubble. The effective way to overcome this phenomenon is to replace the hard bottle packaging, pay attention to the storage environment (the cool place below 30 ℃).

8、 Why do some neutral glue strike in the joint of concrete and metal window frame after curing, and some will not? Is it a quality problem? Why didn't similar phenomena appear before?

Many brands of neutral glue have similar phenomenon, and it is not the quality problem of glue after careful testing and repeated experiments. Because neutral glue has alcohol type and ketoxime type, methanol contained in the curing process of alcohol type gum will release gas (methanol starts to volatilize at about 50 ℃), especially in direct sunlight or high temperature reaction. In addition, it is difficult to breathe through concrete and metal window frames. In addition, the temperature and humidity in summer are high, and the curing will be faster. The gas released by the glue can only run out of the completely solidified rubber layer, and bubbles of different sizes will appear on the cured rubber strip. However, ketoxime neutral adhesive will not release gas during curing, and bubble will not be produced. But the disadvantage of ketoxime neutral adhesive is that once the technology and formula are not well treated, there is a chance of shrinkage and cracking in the process of curing in winter. If the technology is good, the formula passes the customs, it will not be found